Perception of the Real You

Shadow of trees

The power of NOW

Eyes of the tormented soul

Sgirwan just send me an amazing portrait of Bart. “Eyes of the tormented soul” turned out to be one of my favorites.

Anywhere south

Van 8 tot 16 april 2012 zullen wij – Michiel, Kirsten, Daan, Patrick, Sanne en Wouter – liftend afdalen van het noorden van Finland naar Amsterdam; zes landen, 3500 kilometer, en zonder geld. Dit avontuur heeft tot doel ons op een unieke manier in contact te brengen met Scandinaviërs en onszelf volledig afhankelijk op te stellen van hun gastvrijheid en bereidwilligheid om ons hun land te laten zien.

Portrait Mr. Boelens Venlo

1000 Drawings Amsterdam (11 May 2012 De Brakke Grond Amsterdam)

We’re back! The main exhibition, sale & party for the night of 1000 Drawings will take place in the heart of Amsterdam, in Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond.

This year we’re supporting FairPen who help children in Uganda publish their very own newspapers to influence public opinion and learn how to cope with complex issues. In 2012 we’re inviting even more artists and illustrators to contribute an A5 size drawing for this wonderful charity project.And of course: you (artist, amateur or random doodler) are warmly invited to send your drawing for the exhibition! So don’t be shy, bring out your creative tools and doodle for a difference!

Beat Junkie – “Donate Music”

Short film of a social experiment by a street musician, who’s taking a different role in a society that is becoming anxious of communicating in public space.
Camera’s used 2x 550d 50mm 1.8 and 18-55 Stock lens
A VAN WOW film, Production by Location Recording, Music composed by Libera Sono
VAN WOW would like to thank Merijn Bakels and Marco Mooren.